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It's the camaraderie that pulls us in; the adventure of navigating through cities all over the world encouraging each other, building life-long friendships and making the most of our most natural talent... running! 

As humans, we flock to a group situation, we hate missing out, we love challenging ourselves. We go into something wanting simplicity and end up inspiring, challenging and succeeding!

GetRunning was founded by Gaz Brown in 2007 after taking Kerre Woodham to the Auckland, New York and Paris Marathons, and subsequently co-writing the books "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner" and "Short Fat Chick in Paris".

If you are looking for the complete package in running, then look no further - check out our Run Club if you're looking for a group environment. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more personalised approach, then check out our Run Programs. We have something for everyone, and who knows... you might find yourself getting so hooked, you end up on one of our infamous marathon tours!


Our Studio

19 Auburn Street
Auckland, 1023


What we do


RUn Club

The heart of GetRunning, this is where our runners come together, socialise and run their hearts out.


Run Programs

This is where it all starts, from personalised coaching, through to race specific/race time programs, we have you covered.


run marathons

The most rewarding part of all your hard work. Our tours take you all over the world running some of the most amazing marathons in the world.