We use online Training Peaks software  allowing direct and focused feedback on how your running is progressing. We prefer to work with Garmin running technology (though we still work with other GPS watches... just ask), which allows direct syncing of data and instant feedback. Above all, we make everything simple, easy and digestible. Leave the science up to us; all you need to do is turn up. We have the facilities and technology right here at the GetRunning Studio!

Initial Consultation and Registration

This is where we gain a complete overview of your running. We go into your history, current training, lifestyle and your own personal running goals. Leave with a plan of attack and thorough understanding of how to get to your full potential.

Areas of focus in your first session:

  • Running history and current training analysis
  • Program structure and plan of attack
  • Training Peaks account set up and program
  • Heart-rate monitor connectivity

Over time we work with you to give you an understanding of periodic training, macro/micro cycles that specifically relate to you and your running needs. Together we work out your heart rate and pacing structure, building better tools and allowing you to make informed decisions on your running inspirations. If you're a busy individual juggling everything from work, social life, friends, and family... then this is the way to train!  

1hr-1hr15min in studio - Cost $150.00

For those out of town... this is fine to take place over the phone.

Monthly Coaching

Every three-four weeks you will be contacted via phone/email or come into the studio to discuss your progress; how you are handling the training and where to next. You then get another four weeks of program to tackle with a thorough understanding of stress adaption and heart rate monitoring.

During the four weeks between programs you have unlimited access and support to your coach via email or phone. 

Follow-up consultation areas of focus:

  • Ongoing coaching support
  • Program update and structure
  • Race preparation and strategy
  • Heart-rate zoning
  • Pace zoning
  • Goal setting
  • Yearly planning (periodisation)
  • Running technique W.O.F
  • Running strength appraisal 

Sam Dobson or Gaz Brown: $45.00 per week