Half & Full Marathon Run Club

RUN Club Sessions

M,W,Th 6am–7am
T 5:45am –7am
Sat 6:30am–10am

"Our next block starts on the 10th of Nov, enquire today about our free weeks trial before it starts!"

Our Run Club runs right throughout the year, targeting key events on the running calendar, with 12 week cyclical periodic programmes designed to maximise your training and get you to race day well prepared and confident.

Running with a group makes it a whole lot easier; time flies and you can either chew the fat with another runner, or just cruise on your own. 

  • A one-stop shop for running

  • Personalised group training plans delivered with Training Peaks

  • Social and fun run sessions

  • Easy run sessions allowing slow and progressive adaption

  • Pace groups to help with your desired race goal time

  • Heart-rate guided training sessions

  • Optimal fueling and hydration tips

  • Mobility, foam roller and stretching workshops

  • GetRunning's three-point running technique

  • Goal setting

  • Social get-togethers

  • Full coach support

  • Fully-equipped running studio



5k Run Club

5k Club Sessions

T 5:45am–6:45am
Th 6am –7am
Sat 6:30am–7:30am


"Our next 5k club starts 19th of Jan 2019, enquire today about joining"

With two intakes per year, the 5k run club is best way to start out in running - we pride ourselves in taking the right time to slowly adapt to running. Our focus is getting you to a comfortable 40 minutes of non-stop running.  Our experienced coaches are there to help you the whole way

You work in a small group with one dedicated coach to ensure one-on-one focus. Two intakes per year - first week of February and first week of August

  • Three group sessions weekly + optional strength class

  • Personalised group program

  • Non-intimidating

  • Super-friendly helpful environment

  • Easy-to-understand technical running advice

  • Heart-rate zoned training


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Run Club Membership Options

  • Unlimited Run Club sessions $45 per week

  • One weekly Run Club session $20 per week

  • 5k Run Club three weekly sessions $45 per week