Personalised Coaching Program

$45 p wk

Our personalised coaching gives you that extra edge with a individual plan just for you. We use pace and heart rate monitoring along with years of experience having coaches 100's of runners. Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned amateur,  we are able to tailor a program to conveniently fit you and your busy schedule.

Race/Time Specific Programs

$12.5 p wk

If you are looking for a race specific time and don't necessarily want the one-on-one help of our personalised coaching programs then this is for you!

The race/time program focuses on pace specific training working towards your chosen goal time, its a great way to get a little help with your running while still being independent. 

Your program includes:

  • Choice between half  or full 12-week marathon program
  • 7 race/time specific program options:
    • Marathon - 3:30/3:45/Sub 4hr/4hr15/Sub 4hr30/4:45hr/Sub 5hr
    • Half Marathon - 1:30/1:45/Sub 2hr/2hr15/Sub 2hr30
  • Pace zones to help you achieve your goal time
  • Program update every 4 weeks 
  • Monthly Training + Race Tips
  • Time and distance weekly goals
  • Race day plan of attack
  • Choice of 4 weekly run formats
    • M,T,Th,Sa - M,W,Th,Sa - T,Th,F, Su - T,W,F,Su

Free Race Programs

If you are looking for a free program, then look no further; we work closely with the ASB Auckland marathon team to deliver a pretty cool basic program to get you to the start line in great condition.

Just click below and follow the link to the Auckland marathon website - and you are well on your way to GetRunning!